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About The Get Mitch or Die Trying Fund

The Get Mitch or Die Trying Fund supports Democratic candidates for the US Senate in 9 battleground states.

Additional info re: Stand Up 4 America and the Get Mitch or Die Trying Fund:

  • Win back the Senate on November 3rd, 2020!
    • is raising funds for the GET MITCH OR DIE TRYING fund, started by Crooked Media (Pod Save America) to flip the Senate and dethrone Republican leader Mitch McConnell.
    • By putting Democrats back in control of the Senate, we can create massive change across the country, strengthening voting rights and health care, promoting racial equality, rebuilding the lower & middle classes, and so much more.
    • GET MITCH OR DIE TRYING supports the Democratic Senate candidates in crucial swing states up until the November election.



Sample Copy/Text for Your Post

Watch my new video, laugh (please), share it (also, please), and then join us as we work to restore democracy, flip the senate, and #GetMitch.

Ready for change? Watch and share my new video in support of Stand Up 4 America’s (insert appropriate social media handle instead) campaign to flip the Senate and #GetMitch.

A few more takes:
Have you finished all of Netflix? Do you have 2 minutes? Of course you do, it’s quarantine. So, check out my new video, laugh, share, and then help us flip the Senate and #GetMitch.


Thank you again for contributing to our efforts to flip the senate and Get Mitch McConnell out! We thank you again for your energy, commitment and passion for creating a more just and equitable country. Now, let’s do this! 

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