Mitch’s Desk – Where Good Bills Go To Die

Mitch’s Desk – Where Good Bills Go To Die

Mitch McConnell and the Republican controlled Senate have utterly and abjectly failed the American people. Because Sen. McConnell has chosen to place partisan politics above his constitutional responsibility to govern in good faith, the 116th Congress will officially be the least productive in United States history.
Dead last. 116 of 116.

Because McConnell has sat on legislation passed by the U.S. House (often in a  bipartisan fashion), only about 1% of almost 15,000 bills have been enacted into law in the last two years. He is the reason that there has not been another round of much needed Covid-19 relief for small businesses, laid-off workers, schools, cities and states.

There are dozens of other bills that address the needs and desires of an overwhelming majority (65-85%) of Americans that McConnell has blocked from being debated, discussed, marked-up or voted on -including bills specifically addressing: governmental ethics, campaign finance reform, voting rights, secure elections, net neutrality, safe schools, climate action, gerrymandering…
The position of Senate Majority Leader is not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution but the power of someone in that position to obstruct and deny the will of the American people is very real.

Two special elections in Georgia this January will determine whether Mitch McConnell will be able to retain this position of considerable power.