Jake Gideon – The Demon of Kentucky

Jake Gideon is a singer, songwriter and guitarist for bands like The Breakups and The Pretty Flowers. We’ll let Jake take it from here: “To paraphrase the late, great Garry Shandling, I’m a musician, but in my spare time, things bother me.

I hate Mitch McConnell with the fire and fury of a thousand suns, so when I was asked to write a song about him in order to raise money for the Get Mitch Or Die Trying campaign, I jumped at the opportunity, and “The Demon of Kentucky” came flooding out in less than an hour. I have gone to more marches and rallies in the last four years than I can possibly count, but I am not a natural activist, so getting to combine my music with my activism is exactly what I needed. I hope you find this as cathartic to listen to as I did to write and perform.”